About this site

This website presents my activities, interests and publications in science writing, management consulting and free-lance lecturing up to 2002. My world was very much Denmark during the 1990ís, so this site is practically only in Danish.

Most of my pre-1989 publications in English are irrecoverable (Mac mid-80's, what can you do). The only thing left is my dissertation, Implicate Order and the Good Life, of which I am still very proud.

Also in English on this site are a few things from 1998-2002 on meetings, intellectual capital reports and conflict resolution. As to the rest of my pre-2002 writings, check out my list of publications for papers written (and published) in English. For my post-2003 publications, see here.

Old acquaintances from England or the United States who happen to stop by, drop me a line.