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"Implicate Order" and the
Good Life: Applying David Bohm's Ontology in the Human World

Ib Ravn

Ph.D. dissertation
Department of Social Systems Sciences
The Wharton School of Business
University of Pennsylvania
1989, 348 pages

What my dissertation is about

Table of Contents (in detail)
Table of Contents (overview):



1. Introduction: The Research Opportunity

2. David Bohm on the Implicate Order in Ontology,
Physics, Epistemology and Human Existence

3. From the Physical World to the Human World:
The Unfoldment of the Implicate Flux

4. Implicate Order in Experience and Valuation

5. The Experience of Unity-in-Diversity and the Good Life: A Matrix

6. Conclusions

Appendix: What Should Guide Reality Construction?
- Values and Implicate Order in Social Research